Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I met the owners of this store while I was in Vegas, 2 cool kats who have their shit locked running the best independant store in London hands down, they created these jeans a few months back and I saw them today in the flesh, there amazing trust me and now I want them so bad.

The store looks amazing right now so I would check out if you are in Hoxton.

Monday, 30 March 2009


Just found this print by Salvador Cidras on my mate Brain's blog, I'm looking for a print and this would be nice if I could get my hands on it!


No not the band, the 2 fuckers at the back of my mouth which have been killing me for 2 weeks now, had the final stage of treatment on sat, I shit myself when they got the lighter out at the end! and £700 for the pleasure (thats a new jacket and some kicks down the drain) now do I go get a gold cap or roll with enamel?

Monday, 23 March 2009


I will be here, you should come down too...


A few snaps from my trip last week, I always wanted to go and it didn't dissapoint, even though I had serious problems with my teeth. That sucked!

Puppetmastaz, these dudes rap with puppets, and swear alot.

Paper origami army

Sunrise on the 22nd floor

Shinzuku crossing, the one you seee everywhere, I crossed it! it's fucking busy.

No joke store policy at Bape

Tokyo Hands, this store sells EVERYTHING!

Sneaky snap in Supreme, dope store, nice staff too for a change.

Undefeated is above Stussy, which is doen the road from Supreme, it's the best street in Harajuku.

I think this artist worked on the MF DOOM stuff, I went to buy it and it was 3K so it was a pic job instead.

Vending machine for entire plates of food, fucking awful food trust me.

Kill Bill restaurant, food was nice, service was crap!

Tower in Shibya


The mountains coming in, Fiji is in the very back if you squint.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I have a week off before I fly to TOKYO on sat! so gonna try and catch up on all the blogs and upload my pics, cause I have loads from way back in Nov when I was in Hong Kong but I just been way way too busy anyway in the mornings you pretty much can't beat this to start....