Sunday, 26 October 2008


My work mates, Anna, Nick, Lou & John, nice sunny day on weds.

Tescos has gone all out letting everyone know that it's xmas, shudder.

Spent all week in another office working out what the hell eveyrone is gonna be wearing for next Autumn Winter 09/10, yes 10! thats scary.


Carhartt Plaid earflap New era. SICK

Penfield bobble, copped this at Supra on friday from Crockett.

OK, so Winter approachin fast here is what is gonna be keeping me warm/lookin fly.


I need more storage, serious



Sunday was a late late start after workin the door last night, it's all about the Simpsons and tryin to work out where all my clothes are gonna go.

Saturday, 25 October 2008


VICE, Volvo, The Independent and Yahoo! have teamed up on a project called Creative 30 which aims to find and celebrate thirty of Britain’s most promising young creative people.

The main man Charlie Crockett founding member of A.IN.T has been shortlisted by the panel from hundreds of applications, and now it is down to the general public to vote on who wins the cash prize. The money would mean we could get up to some seriousley creative stuff, and the future collections are gonna look sick. trust me.

Voting commences on October 20th and runs until November 16th.

To vote click here

Sunday, 19 October 2008


Been followin the store for a few years now and I finally got to visit on wed's. tiny little place the usual labels not sayin alot but upstairs was a pretty good selection of hard to find kicks, and they had a few Supreme bits knocking about which I wasn't able to cop in L.A

Parra did the bag design and he used to have a studio in the store, god knows where it's fuckin tiny! but if you in Amsterdam this is one joint you have to go check.


Red light district..

Antwerp Cathedral

Paint in Fish & Chips skate store

Central bit of Amsterdam

One of many bridges on the canal

There were fuckin shitloads of these

They do good coffee


Another research trip, this time to Amsterdam & Antwerp, arrived in the morning on tes and took a train to Antwerp on weds night, pretty cool city especially th Patta store and the "Nine Lanes" area..Antwerp was pretty dry, but we only had like 4 hours there to do ALL the shops which was a joke, but a nice trip anyways...more pics to follow

Sunday, 5 October 2008


I'm on the door for this, Bar Music Hall on Curtain Rd, come down it's gonna be good.