Sunday, 11 November 2007


Polished off loadsa these bad bois

My girl Jill from Nike.

Puma Trinomics x Am1's...tryin not to get em mashed up.

I reckon vandals look better as lows man..

Claw Money Vandal Hi launch party at Blink gallery Soho.
Quite a good turn out for a thurs night, place was packed. not a fan of the trainers myself but good collab, I was more interested in the Fiouricci style floor vinyl, dudes and beer.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

4 weeks till I see these bad bois..

Yep, so my mate jill hooked me up with a slot at the new Nike.ID.Studio in Niketown Oxford circus, nice space, above the main studio, great service from the lovely Denika S (thanks!) I Kept is clean and simple, a bit pissed as the girls pallete was WAY better than the dudes, I'm goin back for the full on patent AM1's with some pink I reckon, thanks Nike!

A few dudes showed up in a white van outside our place on weds, 10 mins later this is what happened..GOOD SHOW!


Just another bus ride wiv my girl Amber...

The Bernhard Willhelm/fake blood/black paint combo came i handy for a midweek halloween blow out courtesy of American Apparell and Vice mag, Warehouse on Curtain Rd, place was rammed..all good.


I'll let the pics do the talkin, wicked night!


Nuffin changes at the pub then..

Banksy on Park st, used to work here back in the day

Twin bro in the house!

DJ Derek on the decks @ Golden Lion, Reggae Legend.