Sunday, 24 February 2008


So decided to wash all my kicks in the machine, I higly reccomend this pop em in a pillow case and make sure that u have towels to stop em getting too knocked up, whack em on 40 and hope for the best, and DONT dry them anywhere near a radiator.

lookin brand new!

Then I got asked to model for japanese mag Brutus, so got up at 6:30 am and headed to shoreditch high st to enjoy a 1 hour drive in a tour bus with three stylists some bagels and a massive batt died so no pics, but all I am sayin is the new Tenderloin shit is off the fucking CHAIN!

I will post links when I recieve images, sat on a freezing skate park in the middle of essex shivvering and tring to look dope is not an easy task, still got paid for the pleasure and met some nice peeps along the way, also entire shoot was in black n white shot on polaroid film, so u can imagine the images looked sick.

The photographer was called Takay, nice dude and real good to work with..check his shit here...
and the mag here

I tried to link but it aint workin, apologies

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