Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Festive biscuits.

Amazing ceiling of new store, crazy inside.

Outside of crazy ceiling place, they liked a bit of neon too....

After a night out this is what u get, I needed mustard.

Black gnome...

This is how they roll, this thing ROTATED in the centre of this shopping mall, un real!

Rokkers in tha windows...

Sum fancy spiced mayo and sour bread.

Elk and reindeer stew with lingenberries n mash, NICE

This shit is like spiced cola, and way xmas!

My Boi Theo..showed me the sights and sum good food!

Dope old skool cinema style entrance...cool store too

Fuckin huge ballroom, pics don't do it justice..why aint we got this on oxford st?

NEONS pretty cool in the snow....

DOPE Supreme x Vuitton sticker, I have this on my sketchbook now..was a cunt to get off.

Nice set of wheels, u can't go wrong wiv black n white.

Swanky shops with red carpet on the floor, NICE TOUCH!

Arlanda express seat cover, TFL WISE UP!

Ok, so I aint been on here for a while, sorry..busy man!
went to Stockholm last week minus 6, snowing and very very clean! check the pics........

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