Thursday, 11 October 2007


This dude is still scary tho...

Golden arches look kinda good in platinum,

Greek flag, would be cool to do a mix up print like this....

80's airport tower

These buildings were cool, check the font on the sign..

This was the name of the swanky waterski club..obviousley they didn't get it.

Sick bike, turqoiuse too ;)

Waterski club iced coffee...good shit!

Lobster Linguinie followed by Mojito at the Dolphino...tasted soooooooo good man, they even bring whole fish to the table and flake it off onto your plate... even get ya name on it!

Same thing different city, it was HOT I aint used to this heat!...nice office, shame about the hotel, think faulty towers with plastic flowers at the bar, not good..however did have a great time..I need to learn to swim again tho as the boss took us to an amazing waterski club and I could not even keep my head above water..shamefull

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